5 Differences between marquees and stretch tents

5 Differences between marquees and stretch tents

Unless party planning is something you’re interested in, your interest in tent specifics is most likely to be pretty limited. However, when it comes to organising a bigger event, it is important to know the difference between a marquee and a stretch tent.

So How Exactly do Stretch Tents and Marquees differ?

  1. Flexibility

The conventional marquee tent is a rigid structure which must be built to avoid the surrounding environment. A stretch tent can be moulded to the environment by making use of ropes to stretch or attach the canopy over certain objects such as trees, houses and more.

  1. Space

With marquees it often feels like it is an invasion of space where stretch tents become a part of that space. A marquee needs poles that are erected in a straight up fashion. Instead of invading the space, usually the nature of the stretch tent allows it to meld effortlessly into the surroundings and becoming a part of it.

  1. Weather

The one thing that you cannot avoid and will have a hard time to predict and that is the weather. When you position a marquee up against a home, there will be a gap left open, if it starts raining you could be looking at an indoor waterfall.            With a stretch tent canopy, it can be attached and stretched over the building, this will assist in bridging gaps and minimise leakage, keeping your guests dry and warm.

  1. Aesthetics

A stretch tents tends to make a fluid, striking statement. At Stretch Tents South Africa, we also have a variety of colours to match your theme. He standard PVC marquee is a great way to create a last minute outdoor space, and a stretch tent can give you that flowing outdoor door as well.

  1. Versatility

A stretch tent can be very versatile and be tailored to your individual needs, a marquee is less versatile but is preferred by many. If you would like to make that visual statement while providing the perfect venue for your event, then a stretch tent is the way to go.

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