Chairing is Caring

Chairing is Caring

Although millennials are believed to have been brought up attached to devices and electronics, there is always one other element that was drilled into their minds, “Respect your elders”. This is never truer than at a wedding. Ever been to a wedding or event and been forced to “be the good guy” and stand for your elders? Instead of kicking up your feet and cooling off after a stint on the dance floor?

How does this relate to a wedding?

Often times with all the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding or event, adequate seating and furniture placement is overlooked. Event décor and furniture hire is easy to acquire and should be a necessity at every event or wedding.

The last thing any attendee to your function wishes to do is stand for long hours or feel uncomfortable in their surroundings.

Adequate placement of chairs, tables and furniture will ensure your guests are comfortable throughout the night.

From the wall to the floor, make sure you have it all

With the beautiful scenery and landscape in South Africa, outdoor events, functions and weddings have become the must-do thing of the century. However, this comes with a specialised must-have list to ensure your guests have it all. You may want your guests to party the night away on the dance floor, but without proper preparation, they may just dust up the dance floor instead. Tiled and turf dance floors are a great way to ensure your attendees are able to party until they drop. Along with this, stretch tent and event furniture hire is an important factor to incorporate.

Find it all under one roof

At Stretch Tents South Africa, our vision is to make all of your events and weddings as stress-free as we can. We providing expert setup and event furniture hire services throughout South Africa. For more information or to view our product and services offerings, find out more here.

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