Choosing the perfect stretch tent for your function.

Choosing the perfect stretch tent for your function.

Loads of work goes into planning a function, from catering to décor to music & guests. One thing that is very uncertain & challenging to predict is weather. Stretch tents can be used for all 4 seasons, all year round. They give you piece of mind that your parade won’t be rained on.

What to consider when choosing the right stretch tent for your special occasion?

Stretch tents come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. They vary drastically and are normally quoted according to your needs. The perfect stretch tent for you will be determined by how many guests you are looking to have at your function, what sort of style are you looking for? Do you prefer a high stretch tent for that extra volume, a lower stretch tent for that cosy feel? Or just a small stretch tent to act as some shade? All these factors need to consider for your perfect day.

What to ask for when looking around for a stretch tent?

Firstly, where exactly the company is based? You would want them rather close so you don’t have to pay a fortune on delivery fees. Do they deliver, set up and take down the stretch tent for you as this can be a mission on its own, eliminate the stress, after all you have a party to plan!

Secondly how many people can the tent cater for? You wouldn’t want some grumpy guests left out in the rain. Be accommodating for all, rather have too much space than too little.

Thirdly always ask about the durability of the tent you choose. Can it withstand rain, snow and thunder? Rather have piece of mind on your special day.

Cost is a big factor!

As there are so many different stretch tents to choose from, it may get costly and quite daunting. When making your decision consider the fact that you are paying not only for the tent, but for the delivery, the set up and packing up of the tent. Make sure this is included in your quote. Remember the bigger the tent, the more moola it will be, therefore the bigger the event, the more costly.

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