Hosting the Perfect Event

Hosting the Perfect Event

Whether it’s your 21st, your wedding, a children’s party or an end of year function, if you’ve landed the title of ‘host’, we’ve got some tips to ensure your event is an epic one.

Planning for Perfection

There’s a reason event planners have ‘plan’ in their job title. You’re taking the reins yourself, which means you need to plan way in advance, with high proficiency. You’ll need to factor in the budget of your event and the capacity it allows for, the specific outcomes you want, the theme of your event, location and the type of crowd you will be catering for.

Choosing a Date and Time

When choosing a date and time for the event, you’ll need to consider your desired outcomes and the type of event you are hosting; you wouldn’t host a child’s party in the evening. Ensure that your event isn’t scheduled on important public holidays or various religious holidays would could have implications on attendance.


Invites, Refreshments and Catering

Send your invites out in advance and keep track of R.S.V.Ps for catering purposes. It’s a good idea to inquire about any special dietary requirements so that you can plan accordingly. The comfort and enjoyment of your guests is one of your primary concerns for ensuring the success of your event. Find a great caterer for refreshments and ensure drinks are available – don’t forget ice!


Ambience is one of the cornerstones of any event. Again, with your specific outcomes in mind, choose appropriate music that ties in with the chosen theme of your even. Ensure volume levels aren’t too soft or too loud.

Shelter and Comfort

Comfort is a significant factor for enjoyment. Guarantee your guests have comfortable seating arrangements and do not, under any circumstances, forgo stretch tent hire.


You can plan your event to a tee, but still cannot control the weather. Stretch tents offer protection from the sun as well as rain. They are also an opportunity to spruce your event’s ambience with beautiful lighting and décor. For a stretch tent company you can rely on, check out Stretch Tents South Africa or visit their website.

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