“I Do” Downpours

“I Do” Downpours

Of all the things that are in your capacity to control on your wedding day, the weather is unfortunately not one. With that being said, inability to control the climate on your big day certainly doesn’t mean that you have to be ill-prepared in the event of the skies opening up.

Forget Not the Forecast

Seven-day-forecasts can allegedly predict the weather with an eighty-percent accuracy level. That still leaves a twenty-percent chance of the weather not cooperating as you would have expected it to. Checking the weather forecasts closer to the day will up the accuracy odds and give you a better indication of what to expect. If showers have been predicted, be sure to inform your guests.

You Can Stand Under my Umbrella

On second thoughts, it is probably better to be standing under your own umbrella to protect your hairstyle and makeup which no doubt would have taken hours. Whatever the predicted weather forecast, take a few extra umbrellas as an added measure of protection.

Stretch Tent Hire

Weddings done out in the open are beautiful and subsequently, gaining momentum. If you have decided to have an open-air wedding, be sure to have a stretch tent company on call. Stretch tents are versatile, easy to decorate beautifully, quick and easy to set-up and provide shelter from just about any element. Even if you are not having an open-air wedding, a stretch tent is a good idea to provide an outdoor social space for your guests.

Relax and Have Fun

A torrential downpour took place unexpectedly at what turned out to be one of the best weddings I have ever been to. The bride simply let her hair down, took her shoes off and enjoyed her day with natural beauty and grace. By the end of it, she had been dancing in the rain so much that her white dress looked like a bespoke ombre design from all the mud that had stained the bottom of it. The memory of her day was more important to her than anything else.

Being Prepared

Stretch tent hire is a great idea for any wedding. If the thought of rain on your day gets you ‘under the weather’, it is a highly recommended investment for your memorable day. Contact Stretch Tents South Africa or visit their website for more information.




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