It’s More Than Just a Tent

It’s More Than Just a Tent

There are so many functions and events that are stepping up their game and using the different spaces in such a great way that it creates a magic and enchanting feeling to the event. There are so many ways that one could utilise their stretch tents and the structures around them. However, not everyone has the right understanding of how to use their stretch tent as more than just a structure. When in fact, when it comes to festivals, weddings, parties and everything else, there is more to do than just have some light, a few places to sit and music to listen to.

Getting the Value for Your Event

A stretch tent should be used to create a feeling of awe, and not just a temporary roof. Your event and your attendees deserve the extras that take it from a braai, to a life time’s memory. By having the best accessories and décor for your event with the tent, you’re able to bring that to your guests. It will be great to have some resemblance of a floor that will protect the ground that it rests on, as well as the guests. Having more luxurious seating arrangements allows everyone to feel comfortable as opposed to breaking and dirty plastic chairs. 

What You Could Have at your Event

Thankfully there are means of weather protection that work well in stretch tents. There are mist spraying fans or mushroom heaters. There are various means of creating a suitable floor, that will complement the feeling and the look of the event and that are high hell safe. There are various ways of seating everyone, it could be with picnic benches or it could be with comfy couches or on a bar stool. Don’t forget that if you want a red carpet with velvet rope, that you actually can have a red carpet with velvet rope.

Hire a Stretch Tent Today

So a big birthday is coming up or you’re hosting an event and you wish to take it to the next level. Get in touch with Stretch Tents for Hire and get the tent best suited for you, as well as turning a tent into a ballroom. The stretch tent company has a wide range of décor for hire that will bring a touch of elegance to anything.

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