Preparing for an Outdoor Event in Winter

Preparing for an Outdoor Event in Winter

Winter has arrived in full-force, and for many, this is the time of year to get out into the crisp air. Hosting outdoor events in winter, whether they be for birthdays, weddings, social or corporate functions can be a memorable and magical affair if you adequately prepare for the cold; but when you don’t, what could have been a pleasant day outdoors, could turn into a miserably cold and uncomfortable one. So to help you prepare properly for your next outdoor event, here are some tips for doing it in the winter time, that will ensure that your event is enjoyed by all, even those who don’t deal well with the cold.

Heat Sources

You are going to need to make provisions for people to keep warm. Sure, your guests will likely show up in garb befitting of an outdoor winter event, but their attire will only do so much to keep them comfortable. To make the most out of a winter event, set up some sources of heat close to where people are expected to gather. Large gas heaters, or even better, bon-fires are always a welcome addition to winter events.

Ground Cover

This is particularly important if your event is happening in the morning or evenings. The cold brings dew, and dew might look pretty, but it makes for a fairly uncomfortable and often messy event. Sourcing adequate ground cover where there will be lots of people, or where equipment is being used or food is being served, is an important consideration for you to make.

Timing is Everything

Late morning to early evening will be the best times for you to host an outdoor event in winter, since those are the hours that get the most sun. If you’re lucky, the midday sun might even make things pleasant for your guests. Hosting outdoor winter events in the night-time, can make things a little more challenging when keeping your guests comfortable.

The Sun is Still There

If you are hosting an event during the day, you still need to protect yourself and your guests from the harmful rays of the sun. Because of this, it is worth your while to invest in a marque or stretch tent that covers a large area. That way your guests will have some respite from the midday sun; which is just as dangerous for people in the winter time as it is in the summer.

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