Stretch Tent Décor Ideas

Stretch Tent Décor Ideas

It was in the early 2000’s that stretch tents first came onto the scene. And the ability to be set up almost anywhere and in so many different ways has made them the preferred alternative to your more traditional tents. These extremely versatile structures quickly gained more popularity among function and event organisers and wedding planners, mostly because of the relatively small cost that is required to transform these temporary structures into beautiful spaces.
Stretch Tent Décor Ideas for Your Wedding
Par Cans – This is one of the easier ways to add lighting. You could place your LED par cans in the corners of the stretch tent and then adjust them so that they shine upwards onto the tent’s surface. The LED lights will ensure that the light disperses over the stretch tent fabric and it will conjure playful shadows, dancing in between dips and curves of the tent. Usually there are two to three lights used for every 75m² of tent.
These same par cans or similar versions of them, could be clamped onto the poles of the tent for a different effect. There are many different colors of LED lights available, so the choice is yours.
Fairy Lights – These are a classic choice, especially for weddings. Place your fairy lights along the natural lines of the edges of the tent in order to create that magical atmosphere. You could also place them along the guide ropes as a sophisticated way of making the ropes more visible to your guests. It is easy to crisscross fairy light because of their light weight.
Lanterns – You could hang your lanterns along the guide ropes or from the edges of the tent for that extra charm.
Chandeliers – Why not take your lighting game to another level and use chandeliers as they are the most romantic light fixtures of them all.
Romantic Palettes – One of the most inexpensive ways to dress up your stretch tent is with the right colors. Play on the color of the stretch tent with contrasting hues.
Making an Entrance – A dedicated entrance for the happy couple like a leafy arch right in front of the tent will make a beautiful and elegant statement.
Fauna and Flora – Why not literally bring your wedding to life with greenery and plants. The greens will pair perfectly with for example, a gold and purple color scheme.
The More the Merrier – You do not have to use one big tent, you could link a few stretch tents together and make them different colors too.

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