The Stretch Tent Difference

The Stretch Tent Difference

While tents aren’t exactly something new to the world, there is nothing wrong with re-inventing the wheel from time to time to come up with a solution that is more functional, protective, cost-effective and simple to use.

Compared to regular ones, stretch tents offer so much more in terms of functionality, durability and versatility than most other related products, and it comes mainly down to the type of materials used in their production.

When hiring a stretch tent, you opt for this exact type of difference, so let’s take a closer look into the enhancements brought on by them.

PVC Polyester Fabric

Stretch tents are made up of vinyl coated polyester, which is a particularly flexible and durable type of fabric that is often used for specialised structures.

In addition to this, their PVC coating gives tents a little extra protection from the elements, making them more functional and more durable.

Teflon Impregnated

The primary function of any tent is to protect its occupants from the ravages of the elements, including sun, dirt and particularly water.

Stretch tents, and their Teflon impregnated fabrics, offer exceptional resistance to both dirt and water, making them the ideal protective solution.

International Standards of Safety

Since stretch tents are made up of PVC polyester, they have the added benefit of being fire resistant, and they do this to international safety standards. This makes them an excellent choice with regards to protecting its inhabitants from harm.

Contact Stretch Tents South Africa for Details

There are a number of excellent benefits to be had from hiring a stretch tent from a trusted supplier. If you would like to know more about our offers, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Stretch Tents South Africa today, or visit our website for additional information on our offers.

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