Stretch Tent Hire vs Stretch Tent Purchase

Stretch Tent Hire vs Stretch Tent Purchase

Marquee Hire – If you need a stretch tent for a one time only occasion or even a few times a year, Stretch Tents For Hire may best fir your needs, hiring out stretch tents for all types of events, weddings or other promotions.

Below are some of the pros of choosing to hire a stretch tent:
• You won’t have to store your tent before or after
• The stretch tent can be delivered to your exact location, set up and taken down by our team of professionals
• This is going to save you time as well as money
• Your stretch tent will be fresh and in great condition for each of your events
• Maintenance or repair will not be a worry for you

Here are some of the cons to consider before making your choice:
• There might be limited stock available at certain times of the year, making it difficult to get a stretch tent without prior reservation
• You might not find the colour or size that you need
• You cannot brand the tent with your logo
• The costs might increase over time.
Marquee Purchase – If you are going to make use of stretch tent more than a few times a year, then purchasing will most likely be a better option.
Below are some pros of purchasing a marquee tent:
• You can customise your tent’s colour or shape and even have it branded
• You can have your marquee stored, delivered and set up by hired professionals
• If you use your tent frequently you will be saving money
• You can use your tent for promotional use at any time
The cons are limited and are:
• Finding storage for your tent
• You will not have the flexibility of getting a different size tent for different events
• The upfront cost will be much higher but cheaper in the long run.

At Stretch Tents For Hire we offer stretch tent hiring services in Johannesburg, contact us for more information or visit our website on

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