How Stretch Tents For Hire Can Enhance Your Wedding Experience

How Stretch Tents For Hire Can Enhance Your Wedding Experience

What Is A Stretch Tent?

A stretch tent is an evolution of a marquee, which is designed with no fixed walls on the ends, creating an open feel.

With waterproofing added to the design, there is no fear in your big wedding day getting ruined.

Both stretch tents and marquees are made in order to allow any rainwater to slide away, with no chance of any leaks falling on someone’s head.

Whether you are having a small wedding or a very large one, the stretch tent for hire will be able to fit the entire group.

On top of this, the tightly stretched material will ensure that it holds firmly over the area which it is covering, with poles placed into the ground for that added structural support.

The poles themselves are freestanding and are made to fit internally in the stretch tent, allowing for support, as well as keeping the entire look and feel of the space in mind.

Why Are There No Sides?

As mentioned above, the stretch tents are designed in a way where they do not have any sides on display, however, if required, they are able to be installed, especially if the weather does suddenly take a change for the worse.

If you would like, a wedding marquee hire could be the better option, simply because of the fact that they come exclusively with sides, ensuring that regardless of the weather, you will be protected.

The design of stretch tents works well for an open plan, especially for a wedding where there will be a lot of people coming and going.

On top of this, if there is a need for airflow, stretch tents work very well for this.

Is Climate An Issue?

Where both stretch tents and marquees are best used in summery climates, working fantastically in South Africa, they still are beneficial in winter, and in climates where the cold is a mainstay.

There are a number of British weddings which still use stretch tents for hire in order to wrap up the entire wedding experience in a nice bow.

The breathability of the stretch tents for hire is a huge plus for weddings in hotter climates, where wedding marquee hires are great for both the hot and cold climate.

Stretch tents in Johannesburg are something which we see at festivals and weddings, becoming much more common, simply because of the fact that they not only look amazing, but that they are great barriers between you and the weather, sun or rain, or even hail.

What Sizes Do They Come In?

Stretch Tents For Hire offers stretch tents between the sizes of 6m x 8m and 18m x 25m. Depending on the size of the wedding which you will be having, you can choose the smaller or larger options, allowing you to have the area work for your needs.

If you feel as if you want to go for a larger option, there is always the possibility of combining two or more stretch tents together, ensuring that everyone will be protected under the tents.

This will ensure that those in attendance are able to enjoy the entire experience of the wedding, including the practical and aesthetic benefits which stretch tents and marquees offer.

Where Is It Most Functional?

The beautiful thing about stretch tents, besides its obvious beauty, is the fact that they are able to be erected pretty much anywhere.

This may sound like over-estimation, however, the truth is that they are designed in a way which makes it a convenient covering, virtually everywhere.

Whether it is uneven ground or not, the use of installation will leave you in awe, making that wide open space, look like something out of a movie.

Whether you’re looking for stretch tents in Johannesburg or other parts of Gauteng, be sure to look at if they are free-standing or not.

It is the most common form of stretch tents, but at the end of the day, you will need to make sure that it is, especially if it is for an event such as a wedding.

An added benefit of these tents is that they are also able to be connected to buildings, which opens up space for outside dining or entertaining, however, this is not something which all businesses do, therefore doing research on this is a good way to make sure.

Those places which you thought were inaccessible, will now become the space of your dream wedding.

Surface Types

When you look at wedding marquee for hire, as well as stretch tents, you will be able to plant them in pretty much any surface type, with some even being added to rocky areas, making an entirely open space come together.

As long as space itself is able to meet the requirements of the stretch tents in Johannesburg, you will be able to enjoy the space with class and beauty above you, protecting you from the weather, and looking great while doing so.

Stretch Tents For Hire

Originating from Johannesburg South Africa, Stretch Tents For Hire has built their brand and business, keeping their goal of providing the means for people to be able to have fun and make memories all with protection and comfortability.

By adding an aesthetic feature to your wedding day, the company hopes to make the moments feel more connected and meaningful by adding a beautiful tent, with amazing decor, matching the theme of the wedding.

The decor includes lighting, which will help to set the mood of the event, allowing it to feel like more of an intimate experience.

Hiring Time

You may be asking yourself how long you’ll be able to use the stretch tent for, and when they will come to collect the tent.

When you use Stretch Tents For Hire, you’re hiring from a company that understands that not every situation is the same.

What this means is that if you need the stretch tent an hour or two earlier, as well as an hour or two later, they will provide you with gracious customer care, as they are not only in the tents business, they are in the experience business.

Set-Up Time

The setup time for stretch tents is relatively short, with about 2 hours of time needed in order o assemble the entire tent, erect it and set it.

When you require intricate detail in the setting up process, in order to get it up within around the 2-hour mark, professional stretch tents hiring services should be looked.

When you look at the expertise which Stretch Tents For Hire have, you will understand why they are one of the leading stretch tents suppliers in Johannesburg and Pretoria.


If you need to get the stretch tent out within the day which it was erected, Stretch Tents For Hire will be able to get it done in most circumstances, depending on if the time is convenient for both parties.

Be sure to let the company know about this beforehand as it is a better way of ensuring that this is noted long before your wedding takes place.

Site Visits

Before anything gets erected, Stretch Tents For Hire will visit the site, looking at the area and will plan what the best course of action is to place the stretch tent.

On top of this, they will also analyse the area in order to see if it is viable and safe enough to erect the stretch tent.

There will be a constant discussion between the business and the clients, keeping an open conversation ready in order to implement the best plan in order to build the experience which everyone is looking for.

Materials Used

Stretch Tents For Hire uses a number of materials which are a mixture of adding aesthetic, as well as providing safety and security.

One of the protective materials used is the Contour Dura SX PVC, which helps to protect the entire structure from any unforeseen changes in the area.

Another material used is the poles, which are not only durable but also contain welded seams, which will ensure that the stretch tent top is fixed.

Finally, rigging ropes will be used to fasten everything together, allowing for a confidently finished article.



The fact that both stretch tents and marquees are able to be used in different weather conditions, where they are not only beneficial for protecting you from the weather, but also in adding a different look and feel to your wedding, makes choosing them something of a no brainer.

They are also great in the fact that they are waterproof, fire retardant and have UV light protection, ensuring safety is the main priority.

On top of this, with the help of professionals, they can be put up and taken down in a very short space of time, making them a convenient addition to your entire wedding vision.


As mentioned before, stretch tents are great for weddings, where they add comfort, protection and a great feature, however, they are also perfect for other events such as festivals, events, golf days and school events, to name a few.

You might think that stretch tents in Johannesburg are hard to find but Stretch Tents For Hire have built a business which makes it easy to find and install. Their practical use makes them the perfect item to add a little touch of pizzaz to the entire day.

Be sure to contact Stretch Tents For Hire for more information on how you can get your hands on a stretch tent or wedding marquee for hire.


Open Air

Airflow is a huge advantage from stretch tents over marquees, where there is air being moved through the tent, keeping things cool.

Weddings in an open area is a huge possibly now, were in the past, there were no such things has having a stretch tent for hire, today, you can have your dream wedding come true.

This is a great feature, especially during the hot summer months in South Africa. Cool air will keep the tent ventilated, allowing your guests to relax throughout the wedding.

Stretch Tents For Hire care about the entire event, not just the stretch tents that they supply, as they see their contribution as an advantage to the event at hand, bringing an item which will greatly benefit both you and your guests.

Low Labour Force

You would think that in order to get the structure up and running there would need to be a large labour force, ready to plant the poles in the ground and stretch the tent out while tying the rope firmly.

Your mind would probably go to a lot more people having to do the job, especially if you choose to hire the large tent, over a smaller one.

The truth is that there is no real need for a lot of labour, with a handful of people primed and ready to either install or uninstall the stretch tent.

This is great in the fact that if you look at it, the less labour needed, the simpler the structure is to install, meaning that the time it will take will be within that 2-hour mark.

If you choose to hire a professional stretch tent business, such as Stretch Tents For Hire, you will be hiring quality and efficiency.

Contact Stretch Tents For Hire For More Information

If you are looking to hire out stretch tents or marquees, be sure to get into contact with Stretch Tents For Hire for more information about their service.

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