Tent Talk

Tent Talk

Organising an event is not for the weak. There is a multitude of different factors that all need to coalesce in synchronicity for an event to be a success; from food and refreshments, to music, entertainment, schedules and the comfort of attendees. We’d like to simplify your life by knocking one thing off that list; comfort and shelter from the elements provided by stretch tents. Stretch tents offer a range of benefits that will make this decision a no-brainer.

Versatility and Eloquent Design

Struggling to place giant poles in the ground before finally looking at a temporary structure that is square in dimension (and not the most appealing in terms of aesthetics) need not be your fate. Stretch tents offer the versatility of a free-form fabric that can be engineered in a variety of ways to create different shapes and functional pockets that are supported through the tension of stretched fabric.

Pair with Permanent Buildings

Humble stretch tents work well with others. In fact, stretch tents can be anchored off permanent and existing structures (that would otherwise be in the way) to extend shelter and create interesting as well as functional spaces so that the party can commence in style. The option to engineer them so that they create a fully covered space means rain won’t ruin your event.

A Tent that Recovers Faster than You

Whilst the event may have left you with a hangover and in some serious need of recovery-time, stretch tent fabric bounces back to its former self once the points of tension have been released. Essentially, a stretch tent has a quick recovery rate so that you can pack it up with haste to go home and focus on your own recovery.

Ticking Shelter off Your To-Do List

If you’re ready to have one less thing to organise and stress about for your upcoming event, finding a stretch tent company is your next move. Contact Stretch Tents South Africa or visit their website for more information.

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